The date when your wedding took place is a very special day in your life and it needs to be celebrated in a unique style and special way. Canadian island is the best place for your wedding anniversary with romantic destinations. Your wedding anniversary tour to the Canadian island will contain a good sharing of your experiences to your friends. You will return to your home with photojournals and videos which are striking. Below is a list with some top locations where you can spend your time with your partner and have amazing experience! The first ones - if combined with a 21st anniversary gift from is the ultimate anniversary holiday - continue reading and find out why...

Best resorts and hotels in the Canadian island

Ocean village beach resort

This resort resembles a piece of paradise. It is a romantic location where you can go with your kids to enjoy your wedding anniversary. In Tofino, you can use the BBQ which is communal or have fire which is private on the beach. It is really a place which is perfect for a gateway of romance.

Rimrock resort hotel

They have rooms which are great and their services are classic. Visit Rimrock resort hotel in the Canadian island and you can share the unbelievable experience to the other couples. Its atmosphere is nice and comparable. Walnut beach resortIt is described as a hotel for couples. It has vocation services which are the best. It has a retreat which is luxurious in the desert.

Sonora resort

This resort has phones in its rooms that can enable you to make calls including the international ones.Proffesional photographers are also there to ensure that you are enjoying your day.

Weston Resort and spa

This is a resort which pampers many people from the time they enters to the time when they leave. They offer dog cookies at your velet.They have very lovely check in agents who upgrades the visitors to their ottic rooms which are beautiful.

Long beach lodge and resort

The resort is a romantic place since it contains a bath for the 2 of you at the same time. This embraces many couples. Its view from the room is a beach with sunsets which are wonderful.

The following are romantic destinations to tour during your anniversary in the Canadian island:
  • Nuva scotia

    This is a maritime destination. It has made a selection which is seductive of its bewitching persona of the Atlantic coastlines. You and your partner can enjoy walking on the great Canadian’s ocean road. During your wedding anniversary in the Canadian island, you can walk along the sandy beaches, inns which are historic, a bed which is quant and breakfast-that has been an award winner.Vist Nuva scotia to enjoy the seductiveness of Halifax pier 21 and the stroll of the moonlight on the boardwalk.
  • Quebec City

    This is a city of romance in the Canadian island. You and your spouse can walk holding hands down the streets which are cubbed to enjoy a decadent desert at Quebec.
  • Lake Louse, Alberta

    It has beauty which is natural and does not get spectacular than the Canadian icon of the Rockies. The lake’s turquoise waters which are calm laps against the mountains when one is gazing from the hotel. Heart’s delight, NewfoundlandThis has more than 650 people .Walking down the heart’s content road gives a splendid feeling towards the place.
Welcome to the Canadian island, the home of romance for your wedding anniversary celebration.