Sable Island

In the wilds of the North Atlantic, a mere 175 kilometers from the nearest point of Nova Scotia, Canada lies Sable Island. Often referred to as the Graveyard of the Atlantic, countless seafarers have been wrecked among its notorious reefs and shoals. This is a place of solitude and extremes where the ever-present wind and fog lend an air of desolation. However, Sable Island is also a refuge and a place of hope; a place that has fascinated and ignited the imagination of many Canadians from coast to coast. 42km long and only 1.5km at its widest point, Sable Island is the second largest sand bar in the world. The site of Canada’s first life saving station, its iconic crescent shape emerging from the expanse of the sea was the first solid ground found by the many wayward sailors after the turmoil of losing their ship. But Sable is so much more! The island is a unique ecosystem, home to species found nowhere else in Canada. From rare orchids, to transient tropical butterflies, and of course the fabled Sable Island ponies. For more delightful info on the historical and natural perspective of the island, visit Parks Canada.

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